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The Fitness Challenge That Women In Shrewsbury & Telford Are Raving About
No Fads. No BS. Just An Effective Training & Nutrition System So Straight Forward Even Busy Mums Can Follow It 😉 
What Women Of Shropshire Are Saying
"I remember being absolutely terrified on my first session back in October, but loved it and have been going ever since, coming here has given me so much confidence back which I had lost after having two children and feeling like I could never lose the weight but I am finally starting to fit back into my old clothes"
Sinead Ferguson, Mum Of 3, Telford
"Never thought I was the sort of person to get up at the crack of dawn to go & exercise, but I've just completed 4 weeks of small group PT sessions with Nick, and can't wait for the next 4 & beyond. He's made getting up at 5:30 am 3 X a week for 6am workouts completely bearable, and so have the lovely ladies I've been training with. He's super reliable - always starts on time and finishes on time. If you're after fitness training that works, with a coach who's encouraging, supportive and has a really good sense of humour, then I definitely recommend Fitbody Trainer. Feeling loads better and some of my old work trousers are starting to see the light of day again!!"
Katrina Jane Broome, Mum of 2, Telford
"It's my second time coming back and I love it, such great people and the training is different in every session, Nick really gets the bests out of everyone."
Colleen Taylor, Mum of 2, Telford
How Does FitBody Consistently Produce Results Like This?
E.V.F Training
Effective, Varied & Fun
After helping 100's of busy mums in Telford get their body confidence back, these are the components we've realised are important so that you no longer dread exercise and actually see results from it. 
Personalised Nutrition
Flexible + Personalised To Your Body
Nutrition is really where the results come from and we work with some of the best professionals in this area and have devised a system that allows you to eat your family meals, eat your favourite foods and still great results - all because of personalisation. 
FitBody Family
Support When You Need It Most
They say a problem shared is a problem halved. Thats why when you join FitBody, you're not just joining a fitness program, but a family of like-minded women spurring each other on. That makes for a fun, social & motivating environment. Plus we have amazing social nights out.

Will I Be Fit Enough?

The more "unfit" you are the better - because then the gains are more. All our sessions are catered to ability though so you won't feel like you're out of place. The fitbody community is an inclusive one to help each other progress, regardless of their starting point
About The FitBody Team
Nick always had a passion for fitness and training and loves even more helping others integrate fitness into their busy lifestyles. He started as a 1-2-1 PT but quickly realised this wasn't the best way for ALL his clients to get the most value out of him. Hence, FitBodyTrainer Telford & Shrewsbury was born, a group training program built on scientific foundations unlike any other in the area.
Nick Slater |Founder, Head Honcho, Original Certified FitBody Trainer
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